Guild Rules



"Edge of Eternity" is a continuing effort for a healthy and entertaining game environment which is based on member's trust, respect and friendship. We're not here to be the best but we're aiming to have the BEST GAME TIME. This is a Mature (not age depended though), Rules Based guild so if you want to join us, you better read the rest of this article.

"Edge of Eternity" has two "sub-teams" of players: Raiders, whose basic purpose is to explore the game's raid dungeons, and Socials, who spend their gaming time in a nice, friendly guild. Both "teams" help and get helped from the guild.


Guild Principals

  • Respect: We respect everyone in the game. Rudeness, swearing, flames in the guild but also out of it, are just not allowed.
  • Loyalty: As long as someone is a part or our community, they should follow and respect the rules described here.


Guild Rules

  • We are in a RP-Realm so we all have to follow Blizzard's RP Rules.
  • Members are free to request help from officers and other members. But they cannot DEMAND it.
  • Guild Chat is available for both gaming and entertaining posts but it's not available to posts which just "fill" chat's empty space or harras other members.
  • Greedy and Rude people are not welcome.
  • Rules apply to all guild ranks (Guild Master and Officers included).


Raids Info.

  • We use a mumble voice-server.
  • The Raid Leader is responsible for the raid structure (not the GM or Officers or Other Members).
  • Invitation priorities will be defined, for every raid, according member's experience and raid needs.
  • Even if you don't meet all the criteria, as they are described in the rules section bellow, you can apply, join us and be scheduled for our future raid plans.
  •  If you are invited to join a raid but your gear or your skills are not enough for the specific run, then you will be notified and may be replaced.


Raider Rules

  • Your gear should be appropriate for your role (no pvp, off-specs items, etc) and for the raid requirements.
  • Food & flasks are supplied via feasts and cauldrons by guild.
  • You must have "Deadly Boss Mods" and "Omen Threat Meter" addons, installed and ready.
  • You should be able to join a minimum of 2/3 runs.
  • You should be able to use our voice server application (at least to hear from it).
  • You should be active in the forums, reading and studying all the strategies and tactics described there.
  • You should signup for the raid 2 hours before raids starts, and loggin 15 mins before raid starts.


Loot Rules

  • Roll priorities are: MS, OS, Party/Raid Roll or Guild Disenchant.
  • For BoE items priorities are: MS, OS, Guild Bank (Item or Enchant), Party/Raid Roll.
  • If two members need the same item and one of them has an equal level item then the second member will get the loot, no matter if this specific loot is an upgrade for first player too.
  • 5-Mans Runs looting managed through default Pass/Greed/Need system.
  • Raiding loot managed by the Raid Leader through "Master Looting" system.
  • Loot rules apply to all guild ranks (Guild Master and Officers included).

* MS and OS defined by the role someone has in raid/run.


The "Edge of Eternity" team